YOUR PATH WELLNESS COACHING - Take the first step to lasting change...
Sometimes that first step is the hardest one...
and you don't have to do it alone! 

  • Want to break an old habit...or start a new one?

  • Dealing with a chronic health condition?

  • Need help problem-solving?

  • Want support as you adjust to changes in your life?

  • Need to set goals or start a project?

  • Need help making a decision?

  • Does your life feel out of balance?

  • Wondering which wellness practices are right for YOU?

Sessions offered in person in the Baltimore-Washington area
--or ANYWHERE by phone or Skype!

"Every moment is a new beginning point." 
                --Louise L. Hay

Janet R. Graham, MA
Graduate Certificate, Wellness Coaching
Certified Leader, Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

                 The CFIDS Association of America


Call or text 1-301-466-6222 today!

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